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Mr. Sunday is a joint venture between Andreas Lagercrantz, the manager of golf Pro Alex Noren and the travel team behind the high-end travel planner The World of Envy. We aim to bring you an unbeatable combination of experience and knowledge of golf and bespoke travel that will take your golf travel to a whole new level.

We will give you the inside track to the golf events you can’t miss, the golf professionals you need to improve your game, access to the most sought after private clubs, the secret gems only insiders know and tips on what outfit you absolutely should or shouldn’t wear on the course this year. It’s time to tee up and Mr. Sunday is here to get you in the Swing of things! So, get packing, because there are tours to watch, courses to play, private jets to fly, hotels to bed down in, yachts to charter and cocktails to try –  simply put – some golf jet-setting to do!

Welcome to Mr. Sunday